AoB in 2024

AoB in 2024

Happy Monday all, I think it’s about time I put up an update for how Arrival of birds will look over 2024 :)

Theres been lots of changes over the past couple weeks, the main one being that I will be starting my fine art masters degree on the 22nd of Jan. I had considered just selling art to make my income alongside uni but after some thinking I realised that both studying art and art being my job would be too much. I love art but that feels like a recipe for burnout. So I will be working part time away from art to make my income. 

This does mean I will be selling a lot less art this year and will have less space available for commission work as I want to focus on growing and learning as an artist. The art pieces I will be focusing on are larger pieces with a lot more love and effort, I will also be making lots more prints available of uni work and exhibition work which I can’t sell :)

Because I’m planning on making larger and higher effort prices, there will be a price increase on original artwork. My commission prices will also be increasing from February 14th. For transparency, my price increase is due to both me putting more time and effort into pieces, and also because after tracking my hours and income from over the past few months, my hourly wage works out to be £6.50 on average which will not be sustainable for me going foward. My price increase will be reflected in a higher quality of work, and in efforts to ensure I still have affordable artwork, i will be ordering in more on hand prints which will stay at a fixed price of £3-£7.

Due to being a lot more busy, I will likely be reducing the amount of art drops I do, so my regular Friday art drops will be ending after this week. I will be trialling different dates and timings for my art drops going foward so I don’t have a decision made on how that will look in the future going foward.

Over the next few weeks I also have a lot of events that I’m very excited for:

- 3rd February 12pm-6pm - London alternative market (Revolution London Leadenhall Street) - trading original art and prints

- 9th February 6pm-11pm - Indellicate West Art Colletive (Antwerp mansion Manchester) - trading original art and prints andddd exhibiting one larger originals.

- 3rd March 2pm-6pm - Solo exhibition opening drinks and private view (Harness and Mane London) - Exhibiting a selection of original art with free drinks and selling art prints

Lots More to come! Stay tuned :)


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