More art that instagram hates, and going full time (at least attempting) - Art Week run down 14/08/2023

More art that instagram hates, and going full time (at least attempting) - Art Week run down 14/08/2023

Apologies for taking over a month to write my next *weekly* art run down, but, to be completely honest, I had literally nothing to say, I did move house though! YAY! I have also now decided to go full time as an artist for the foreseeable future, or at least until I am too poor/too bored. Sooo, that being said, I now have no excuses to not write these weekly rundowns anymore, as its now my full-time job :)Yay new flat!!

Anyway, so today I wanted to discuss plans, then obviously share the content to risqué for instagrams sweet little eyes. So, here's a brief rundown:

  • Have a restock on the same day each week, to prevent advertisements getting annoying and keep consistent. Currently going to be doing this on Fridays for the foreseeable future.
  • Reopen commissions (Done! All those on the waiting list should have received an email)
  • At least two markets a month (next market it BBB this Sunday)
  • Lots of new things (currently a secret)
  • Eventually sort out Patreon 

SO, its pretty vague right now what you will be seeing from me, but do expect new things, experimentation and hopefully (fingers crossed) things you like (I know I shouldn't do this for validation, but I really do lap up a good compliment).

And now for.....

Content that's to risqué for instagram!

 So above we have the little warnings handed out by instagram, I did try to appeal it this time but it was still concluded that they hate me. Below, I will paste in all the images so that you guys get to see them in full and uncensored!


 This is the second time instagram has deleted this post, the platform just hates butts apparently.

This beautiful painting which will be in Erotic Art London this September, also supposedly to inappropriate.

The original post of this photo was just a close up of the paint textures on this painting, also, wayyyyy to spicy. This painting is also very unfinished in this post, it is however available to buy now! just search up oil study 1 on this website, or it should be in the 'New' section. :)

And finally, my painting 'Stripes', considering this one contains cane marks and welts, Im honestly not surprised it got banned oops.


Anyway, time to leave yous, have a fab week, looks like the weather is perking up so get some vitamin D! BYE!

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