Risks facing AOB

Risks facing AOB

Over the past few days I have been aware of more and more Er0t1c artists (including my own products being flagged on Charmskool shop) losing their ability to take payments through Shopify, leaving customers with only the option to pay using PayPal. This is another classic example of the battle with censorship that I have been fighting since I began this kind of work. 

Although this is a scary time, Im assessing all my other options for websites and how to go about selling my work if this issue hits me, as losing the ability to take card payments could significantly affect my business. It does however look like I could have similar issues with other e-commerce platforms, so currently Etsy is my main option as a backup site for those who don't have PayPal. 

The difficulty is that the terms for prohibited items are extremely vague, so I genuinely do not know if they would accept my work as it depends on if it is deemed as p0rn0graphy or not (which its not). So its extremely hard to judge.

But anyway, I won't give up, and this is a battle I will always win.

Thank you for your continued support <3

Birds xx

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