Upcoming exhibitions and solo show announcement!

Upcoming exhibitions and solo show announcement!

I’ve had a very fabulous start to the year, as over the next 3 months my art is being shown at an exhibition in February, March and April (let’s hope I can keep up this one exhibition a month streak!).

This month I have my second year in a row at Indelicate by West Art Collective in Manchester on February 9th. I created a piece specifically for this event as I always love to make something new for events when I have the opportunity. This piece is called ‘Passive existence and passive resistance’, it looks at sadomasochism within sex. I really wanted to explore 3d aspects on top of the canvas, so I added beaded and embroidered aspects. This piece is pretty big and is definitely best seen in person (come to the exhibition XD). 

Passive existence and passive resistance - mixed media on canvas - 90cmX60cm - January 2024

 - The poster for this years Indellicate even. As well as being one of the exhibiting artists, I will also be selling my art and prints with the stalls.

Here is the link for this event - https://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/Manchester/West-Art-Collective-HQ-%28Antwerp-Mansion%29/West-presents-Indelicate-40-at-Antwerp-Mansion/37152919/ 

For March, I have my first ever solo show! The show is actually named ‘Passive existence and passive resistance’ after the previous painting, as I feel those words really encompass aspects of masochism and submission within sex. The painting will also feature within this show, along with 6 other paintings. Again, I am trying to create new work for the event as having this opportunity feels so special to me, I want to make sure the work show is something never seen before. The paintings I’m working on currently are based on the poem ‘Song of songs’ from the bible, each one is named after a line from the poem, which I have written into my own poem. Each painting in this collection is also a learning curve for me, and explores new aspects I will be adding into my work.

My solo show will open on March 3rd for a private view at Harness & Mane in London. My art will then remain at the venue for the following 2 months.

Poster for my solo show.

 - A brief look into the paintings I’m currently working on.
Here’s the link to the post with more details about the show - https://www.instagram.com/p/C2saviwIm19/?igsh=MnkzYzlkNTM4d2Zn
The fun then continues into April, with my first international exhibition with Seattle Erotic Art Festival from April 26th-28th. For this show, I applied with multiple pieces and 2 of them got selected for the show. Both of these works have never been exhibited before so I’m really excited to show them off to the world. The paintings selected are below.
I hit the ground - mixed media on canvas - 30cm circle canvas - September 2023
My art is just a product, and I am just an object - mixed media on canvas - 60cmX45cm 
Here’s the link for more details and tickets to Seattle Erotic Art Festival - https://www.seattleerotic.org/?fbclid=PAAaYr7mP_rcpKn2MSCn7fu49LOtBOXMvIoDH29EoTdBIEMjZ-wG2Rzgv-LGU_aem_ARZvjBai6gN-YT6Z5HdYfR6lDdfd_qS3tJHw4Z8NHLAhkgMgQK70f9KjISQfix90yMQ
So yeah! That’s a little run down of some of the exciting things that are happening at the moment, next update I aim to include more about my art process and how my art is evolving now I’m studying again. Have a fabulous day <3
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