What content is too risqué for instagrams innocent little algorithm - Art week run down 16/07/23

What content is too risqué for instagrams innocent little algorithm - Art week run down 16/07/23

This week has been a slow week for AoB, I’ve predominantly been relaxing and recuperating post an intense but super fun time at Southampton Fetish Emporium last Sunday. I did get a few pieces done early this week which was all uploaded to my website alongside leftover SFE stock on Friday. The later half of the week was spent dedicated to making future plans for AoB, mostly in response to a big ol’ censorship nightmare on Instagram this week, which resulted in me having to delete 4 posts from the past 2 weeks as they were supposedly far to inappropriate.


Above is one of the paintings I completed this week called 'Rope booty', below is the other painting I completed this week called 'I endured', which is actually still available to buy.



As a conclusion from this planning, this blog update was born, I will try to create this a weekly run-down for every Sunday which will be shared on my website and sent to those on my mailing list, unless I literally have no art updates.

Heres the little cry instagram had over posts that simply just *may* go against their guidelines this week. Will post the full content below - uncensored of course.

Lets take a little look into my current plans for the next few months of AoB:

  • Start a weekly art update blog – Share content that’s to risqué for Instagram’s innocent eyes.
  • After August 12th, go full time with AoB (lil trial to see how things role)
  • No restocks until after august 12th (currently moving house and working 55 hour weeks so trying to take the pressure off)
  • No markets until end of august for same reason as above
  • Have another BIG sale prior to moving house
  • Plan for Erotic Art London and markets for august onwards.


So, in retrospect, this weeks art update is a whole lot of me telling you that I wont be doing anything. However, I do promise that after summer, things are going to get a little crazy for Arrival of Birds once I go full time, Im very much looking forward to that.


And now, before I leave you in peace, here is all the content which was deleted from my Instagram this week – Yay censorship!

Lil booty magnet :)


'Melted crayons'


'Ever since you found me, Im afraid that I might die'

'Rainbows' and 'Lift'

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