Whats coming this Friday - Big big big ol' restock

Whats coming this Friday - Big big big ol' restock

So this Friday we are going to have an absolutely ripper art drop, so far I already have 4 original pieces, 2 collars and new art prints ready to be released, not to mention all of the other pieces I will be getting done over the next couple days! Its gonna be a very good Friday. So here's a little list of everything you can expect this Friday, with sneak peaks of all the other bits Im working on XD.

Original Art:

'I hit the ground' - 30cm circle - Mixed media on canvas - £149

'Turtle' - 15cmx15cm - Acrylic on canvas - £49

'Spreader bar' - 20cmx20cm - acrylic on canvas - £59

Embroidery hoop #3 - £199

*Sneak peak*

Art Prints:

With art prints for this week, I have so far only chosen to create prints of 'I hit the ground' as I just adore that painting, I am however unable to create circle shaped prints, so they will be square prints on a white/pink background (I couldn't decided what looked best XD)

I may also be creating prints of the current large painting I'm working on, but I will update yous on that!


So this week, Ive worked on a couple new black beaded collars, in designs I have done before. The intention with the beaded collars is to have them all available as repeatable designs in different colours and metal tones, that's something I'm planning on getting sorted over the next few days.

Above are the two collars I will be listing on Friday. The top one is my butterfly collar design, and it will be £37. Below, is my double ring collar design which will be £39. Each of these are made to fit around 30cm necks, but feel free to message me your measurements after purchase and they can be adjusted.

Below is how these pieces look on!

And of course, another sneak peak of what will be my 'Strawberry shortcake' collar:

So, that's everything from me! Keep up to date with the rest of the pieces being dropped by following my instagram @arrivalofbirds! 

Art drop: Friday September 22nd 8pm BST


See you soon fuckers.


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