Art update and future plans.

Thought since we're just going into 2023 I should write a little art update and my thoughts on how I will be progressing with Arrival of Birds this year.

Over the past few months I have been experimenting ... alot. I hope to continue this going into 2023, at the same time I will be continuing with my usual colourful paintings as I of course enjoy them. I hope to include more writing and expression in these pieces however as I've found myself falling into the trap of doing paintings for the particular process of selling art which ends up creating pieces which to me feel quite flat and emotionless. Even if from the outside they are enjoyed, I don't enjoy the process of creating these that much which means they are not sustainable for me to create as eventually this lack of desire will reflect in the pieces. So prepare to see me going back to my roots and paint like I did back in 2021 and early 2022 whereby everything I created was saturated with emotion such as the piece below.

I also am aiming to work on my sculptural pieces this year. I pretty much stopped making 3D work after I finished my degree (I have a model making degree if you didn't already know, so I made alottttt of 3D models in the past), but recently Ive really started to get the craving to sculpt again. So, as I struggle to motivate myself sometimes to make things for me, I sculpted a gift for a friend.  This piece was super fun for me to make, and it was a very rewarding process. When I posted this piece on my social media, people really loved it, so Im definitely going to be pursuing making more of these this year. My first steps prior to selling is working out an affordable price for these as they have a very heavy workload.

I also plan to work harder on the business side of my art this year, Ive always been very drawn away from the business side as its hard to balance being and artist or being a business. I don't want to view my art as a product but if I want to sell and stop being a starving artist I do need to work on both sides, whilst still retaining my freedoms as an artist. Any advice on businessey stuff and advertising would be very appreciated as there's only so long you can barely scrape by before your not scraping by anymore.

Anyway, hope you all have a good weekend. Remember to make beautiful things, even if there is no reason to do so, as that's usual when its needed the most.


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