The awkward pricing conversation and the art instagram hates

The awkward pricing conversation and the art instagram hates

Currently trying to get back in the swing of regular updates on this page - particularly as so that I can keep up-to-date with posting the pieces that instagram removes for maybe ‘violating community guidelines’ even if its censored. BUT, also should be keeping people updated as so much is happening always, and i wanna stay transparent and keep everyone looped in. 

So, on the topic of transparency, I’ve increased my commission prices (new prices are in my previous blog post), and technically also my original artwork prices (though, that’s a slightly more complicated conversation, we will get into that), this is for a multitude of reasons:

  • Affording being alive is hard, so paying myself better is an unfortunate necessity.
  • With being halfway through my masters degree, my skills have significantly improved since when I wrote my original commission prices, so my pricing will reflect this.
  • I initially undervalued how much time commissions can take, as I initially created my rates based on just the time spent making the artwork, when advertising, client communication, purchasing materials, packing and shipping are also big time sinks, so I also increased my pricing to include this time i had ignored.
  • I want to focus on the quality of each commission piece I create, rather than creating a large quantity of work, so I charge enough to mean I can put my whole soul into each one.

I hope that paints a full picture of why my prices have gone up for commissions, and i really value the positive feedback I received from everyone when I gave notice of these changes, you’s are good people, I appreciate your support tremendously.

Next up, why I’ve also upped my original art prices, most of the reasoning is essentially the same as above, but this change has also happened for these reasons:

  • Each one of my original non-commisioned artworks are extremely one of a kind, and my current work has become more and more detailed, and experimental, so the pricing on each piece will reflect those additional details and aspects, especially on the mixed media works.
  • Im aiming to create less work going forward, and instead really try and produce high-effort and unique works. This is because i want to stay conscious of my impact on the world, and creating a high quantity of works, purely for the purpose of ‘selling’ does not align with my values. Saying this, I will still try and create a few less detailed/smaller pieces each month in and effort to keep my work at accessible prices, as pricing things in a way that limits peoples access to my work also goes against my values (I’m not trying to sell to art dealers and galleries lol, my audience will always be normal (debatable) humans who just like my work).

So, there’s all the info, and the awkward pricing conversation out of the way, if you need any more details, let me know!

Next up on my list of things to talk about is much more fun (ish, mildly annoying to but hey-ho), is sharing the pieces that instagram has deemed to risqué for the platform, so have a reel of uncensored artworks!


This one, I’m currently refusing to delete out of spite as its literally a human-dragonfly whose breasts have been removed, I just cannot see the sexual connotations they are making.


This one i also haven’t removed yet, simply because I don't wanna *stamps feet*.

Too much ass.


Don’t even bother with titties on instagram. 

This one they have attempted to remove, even though its hard to even recognise a figure in it.

I love this piece, but instagram does not want to free the nipple.


Anywho, that’s me done for the day! Writing these is fun, but only for short periods, and I would gather reading them is just the same. Have a fab week, vote if your in the UK, be nice to each other, drink some soup.

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